Special Correspondent

Students’ meet calls for support to the actor

VISAKHAPATNAM: Students, most of them belonging to private engineering colleges, and some professors of Andhra University have urged actor Chiranjeevi to enter politics and appealed to all sections to support him.

About 2,000 students attended the meeting organised by an organisation called Chiranjeevi Students’ Force and many of them reached the venue, the AU Assembly Hall, in their college buses.

Former professor of Andhra University Chandu Subba Rao presided. Among the speakers were AU professors Bakuri China Appala Raju (who is also a former Chairman of Visakhapatnam Zilla Praja Parishad), B. Surappadu, P. Apada Rao, P. Soloman Raju, a senior advocate Bypa Arun Kumar, “Vidyaardhi” Venkata Rao and many students. The general refrain of all those who spoke at the meeting was that Chiranjeevi was capable of running a government akin to the one in his film Tagore and that the people needed a government devoid of caste and regional feelings which only Chiranjeevi could provide. The youth in particular must support Chiranjeevi, who belonged to whole of Andhra Pradesh, the speakers emphasised.