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Fans sorry for Monday’s Praja Rajyam party office vandalism incident

Praja Rajyam to launch membership enrolment drive from tomorrow

Fans appeal for due recognition, place in committees constituted by the party

WARANGAL: The Chiranjeevi fans who vandalised the Praja Rajyam party office and humiliated district in-charge B. Siddhartha apologised to him and prostrated before him here on Tuesday.

The fans led by K. Prabhakar and T. Naveen felt sorry for the Monday’s incident and pleaded before Mr. Siddartha to listen to their problems. They appealed to him to ensure that fans too get due recognition and place in the committees being constituted by the party.

Both the fans and party workers competed for positions in the committee. They accused each other of cornering the important positions.

Mr. Siddartha reiterated that Chiranjeevi fans would be accorded due priority and they need not panic about their position in the Praja Rajyam party. Soon, the party would constitute Mahila Varadhi and Youth Wing in which fans would be accommodated suitably. The party also plans to constitute district committees but after a month. Speaking to The Hindu, Mr. Siddartha said the Praja Rajyam party would launch membership enrolment drive and flag hoisting across the Warangal district from October 16.

Meanwhile, each of the monitoring committee members decided to work in two Assembly constituencies during the month long programme coordinating the flag hoisting and membership drive in the district.

Mr. Siddartha Goud appealed to the party workers and fans to work together and said every person working for the party would get due recognition.

All the committees being constituted now were only temporary that were supposed to build the party from grass root level.

According to Mr. Siddartha, Praja Rajyam leader Mr. Chiranjeevi would tour Telangana region in his second phase of ‘Praja Ankintha Yatra’.