The chemotherapy treatment given to Nune Sujatha was appropriate, the Yashoda Hospital management said on Tuesday.

Responding to a news item published in these columns about a case being registered against the hospital following a complaint lodged by Arogyasri Trust, the management clarified that chemotherapy treatment was given to the patient as suggested by the hospital’s surgical oncologist.

The management maintained that Ms. Sujatha approached the hospital in October 2011 as she was suffering from abdominal pain, bloating sensation and breathlessness. Before coming to Yashoda Hospital, she was operated upon by a gynaecologist. At that time itself, she was found to have ovarian tumour. When she approached Yashoda Hospital for treatment, the surgical oncologist “had not considered surgery in the first place as the patient is Nulliparious (does not have children)…Surgery in that instance would mean removal of ovaries and the patient would be rendered infertile. Hence the surgical oncologist had referred the patient for chemotherapy to preserve fertility”, a hospital statement explained. She was given three cycles of chemotherapy and discharged in good condition.

The statement disclosed that Arogyasri Trust was informed about the treatment given. The Trust also referred the case for expert opinion on the line of treatment given by Yashoda Hospital and two doctors on its panel had also certified that the line of treatment was right. However, for some inexplicable reasons, the Trust preferred to lodge a complaint .