The Drug Control Administration (DCA) authorities' insistence that pharmacists should be partners in the business of selling medicines will be opposed, said the Krishna District Chemists and Druggists Association on Thursday.

Association general secretary P.S. Patnaik along with other office-bearers said in a media conference that there was no such restriction for the chain stores and neither did the Drugs and Cosmetics Act lay down such a rule. The DCA authorities putting pressure on the retailers and wholesalers to make pharmacists partners would be opposed.

Mr. Patnaik said the pharmaceutical market was being spoilt by the “indiscriminate” granting of 20 B and 21 B licences by the authorities. These licences that offered a great deal of freedom to the holders were being misused by them. The prevailing hierarchy of manufacturer, stockist and retailer was being disturbed by the “unhealthy competition”, he said. Only those who had the letter of intent for a stockist should be given 20 B and 21 B licences, he demanded.

Referring to a recent gazette notification issued by the Central government banning some drugs, Mr. Patnaik said that it had created panic among the public. The manufacture, sale and distribution of Cisapride, Sibutramine and R-Sibutramine and their formulations was prohibited by the Central government. While phenylpropanolamine and its formulations were banned, Phenylephrine Hydrochloride and its formulations were not banned. Similarly, the human placental extracts and its formulations were banned too. Nimesulide and its formulations were banned only for children below 12 years of age.

Association office-bearers Vadde Venkata Rao, K. Pitchaiah, K. Venkateswara Rao, N. Harinarayana, M. Sudhakar and T. Prakash were present at the press conference.

Association secretary alleges indiscriminate granting of 20 B and 21 B licences