A check dam, sponsored by the International, the group to which the Andhra Pradesh Paper Mills Limited of Rajahmundry belongs to, at Mamidilova 35 km from here was dedicated to the village on Friday.

Managing director and CEO of APPM Rampraveen Swaminathan, who dedicated the check dam built as part of the company’s CSR activity, said casuarina and subabul were being raised on 4,800 acres in three villages with the help of the company providing 20,000 metric tonnes of wood to APPM, Rajahmundry. With the check dam improving the irrigation facility, the yield would increase to 70,000 tonnes. The company had spent nearly Rs. 35 lakhs, 90 per cent of the cost, on the check dam and the rest was borne by the villagers.

The two units at Rajahmundry and Kadiam have a combined capacity of 2.5 lakh tonnes but there is no immediate plan for a major expansion of the Rajahmundry unit.