Staff Reporter

KARIMNAGAR: District Mahila Congress committee president N. Rama has launched a scathing attack against Telugu Mahila State president Roja for making false and baseless allegations against Chief Minister Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy during her visit to Karimnagar district.

Addressing a press conference here on Saturday, Rama flayed the Telugu Mahila State president for shedding crocodile tears for the welfare and upliftment of womenfolk after loosing power. The TDP Government, which had attained power with the slogan of prohibition, was responsible for the plight of womenfolk with the lifting of prohibition, she added.

Add to woes

She also ridiculed the TDP leader for stating that they would remove the belt shops after attaining power when they had introduced the belt shops during their regime adding to the woes of the womenfolk in the state. She charged that the TDP leaders were making all false allegations only to gain political mileage.

She charged that the TDP Government was responsible for the suicides of farmers and weavers making several womenfolk as widows. She alleged that the TDP Government did not utter a word for the cause of farmers and weavers during their regime.

Loans provided

With regard to the empowerment of womenfolk, she said that the Congress Government was providing loans to the women SHG members at pavalavaddi scheme.

Besides, the Government had also involved the womenfolk in the marketing field with the procurement of farmers produce in the villages, she noted.