The Capital city of Bhubaneswar is witnessing an unusual change. Unlike the past, the landlords or house owners, who are giving their houses or flats on rent are now giving preference to bachelors as tenants.

In the past, many house owners were giving their houses to families, preferably small families. But with the sudden growth of IT industry and mushrooming of engineering and management colleges in almost every corner of the city, they are now giving their houses on rent to IT sector employees or groups of students. It is because, these new variety of tenants are ready to pay more money as rent. Besides, these tenants also stay away from home for longer hours. If the house is given to a family, they use more water in comparison to bachelors.

In such a scenario, those with a standard salary and searching for a rented accommodation to live with their family are having a tough time in getting a house on rent.

If they take a house on rent, they have to pay at least Rs. 6,000 for a two-bedroom house. And if it is a two bedroom flat, the cost goes up to Rs. 8,000 or even more. Maybe construction of more houses would solve the problem facing the homeless families in the coming days.

Teaching the teachers!

A nondescript village Nimina near Kodala in Ganajm district witnessed a massive rally two days back that politicians may envy. It was attended by over 5,000 persons including men, women and children from all households of the village. It was an effort to create fear in the minds of teachers and officials working in the area who may be having any lewd desire towards any child, woman of the area. It was the reaction of the villagers to the gruesome rape and murder of a class VII girl of the village school by a 58 year old teacher two weeks back.

The villagers shouted slogans that fear was the only weapon through which the ill motives of the mischievous elements could be averted rather than any police action. It seemed to be their homegrown solution to save women and children from sexual assaults.


If one goes around the posh area of Kharavela Nagar area these days, nameplates with similar colour and fonts will surely catch the attention.

On the first place one would be confused if it is a result of passionate beautification drive taken up by Bhubaneswar Municipality Corporation (BMC), but a closer look will clear all the doubts. As the Capital city is fast acquiring status of a metro, aggressive advertisement by corporate houses has even made its way to nameplates, which once reflected one’s personality. The saffron colour nameplates were courtesy of a financial conglomerate.

It must be difficult task for the company to convince households to fix similar nameplates.

Now another insurance company has made a successful venture by finding place on iron grills. The board of ‘No Parking’ with an underline phrase of advertisement could be seen in Sahid Nagar and Acharya Vihar.

(Prafulla Das,

Sib Kumar Das, Satyasundar Barik)