In a direction that could have far-reaching implications for beneficiaries of Central Government Health Services (CGHS) in the State capital, the High Court has directed the CGHS authorities to refer senior citizens of a CGHS dispensary at Kothapet to the nearest empanelled private hospitals of their choice.

Long pending demand

The High Court directive is a boost for the long pending demand of CGHS beneficiaries in the capital, mostly senior citizens, who want to visit private hospitals of their choice.

Currently, all the CGHS beneficiaries in Hyderabad, despite their reluctance, are mandatorily referred to Nizam’s Institute of Medical Science (NIMS) for treatment.

Similar advice in 2011

From the past two years, the CGHS beneficiaries at Kothapet dispensary have been demanding that they be referred to the nearest private hospital of their choice rather than NIMS, which is a good 25 km from Dilsukhnagar.

“In 2011, the State Human Rights Commission also had given similar advice to CGHS authorities. But they ignored it, which forced us to approach the High Court.

It is the basic right of the beneficiaries to visit a private hospital of their choice. We an only hope that this directive is implemented,” said president, Senior Citizens Forum of CGHS Dispensary no-12.

“I am a dialysis patient and it is impossible for me to travel from Kothapet to NIMS to meet the doctor. Why can’t they simply refer us to the nearest CGHS empanelled private hospital? This will make everybody’s life easy,” says T. Purushottam, a CGHS beneficiary at Kothapet.

The High Court has directed the Chief Medical Officer, CGHS Dispensary No-12 at Kothapet and Additional Director of CGHS, Hyderabad, to refer senior citizens to the nearest private hospital.

High Court directive comes as boost for long pending demand of CGHS beneficiaries in State