Cautions Seemandhra leaders against laxity

Minister for Minor Irrigation T.G. Venkatesh has said that the Telangana leaders have successfully stolen the hearts of the Central leaders.

Talking to reporters here on Friday, he said that the leaders had made a fine presentation of their issue, which had prompted the High Command to tilt in their favour.

He said that the Central government would not close the matter by January 28, as was being thought by many. A lot of debate and consultations would ensue before arriving at a final decision.

He said that a kind of rivalry prevailed between the leaders of Telangana and the rest of Andhra Pradesh over the bifurcation of the State. He cautioned Seemandhra leaders not to indulge in laxity or underestimation of the rival.

He said that all parties in Telangana supported the cause of the region. On the other hand, Seemandhra people were anxious about the outcome but had remained cool.

He said that the Seemandhra delegation would remain in New Delhi on January 21 and 22 to convey their feelings.

Mr. Venkatesh criticised T-JAC chairman Kodandaram for inciting violence, being a government employee.

He said the government would take action if he continued with his belligerent attitude.

Mr. Venkatesh and MLC M. Sudhakar Babu criticised MIM MLA Khadri for making an adverse statement against the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi.