Convener of Citizen’s Forum D. Narasihmachar urged the Central government to defer State bifurcation in view of public opposition and the previous assurance of Second SRC on states reorganisation.

In a statement, he said it was unethical to take popular decisions on the verge of stepping down from the office. The Congress party should promise bifurcation in the manifesto for 2014 election and implement it after winning the election.

The courts and the governments should make it a precedent that no popular decision should be taken at the fag-end. He said the Congress party did not promise anything on Telangana creation while it had promised SRC in 2004.

He said the Group of Ministers, constituted to look into the Telangana issue, should interact with a cross-section of public and no elected representative or party’s opinion should be considered as they failed to reflect the aspirations of the people. The people had come onto the streets as their elected representatives failed to do the job assigned to them.

In a democracy, the people or voters were the supreme and they should have a right to withdraw powers delegated to the elected representatives or governments any time in order to prevent them from taking unpopular decisions.