The need for the Centre to allay fears of Seemandhra people, initiate political and constitutional processes and create a mechanism to resolve issues like sharing of water and revenues that might dog the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh were underscored by speakers at a one-day Consultation organised here on “Dealing with the costs of division: A dialogue towards reconciliation”.

The consultation was organised by ‘ The Hindu Centre for Politics and Public Policy” here on Saturday.

Initiating the panel discussion in the opening session on “Telangana-Building a Framework for Consensus”, Telangana Rashtra Samithi’s general secretary, K.T.Rama Rao, said the movement for separate Telangana was a genuine people’s movement and people from all sections participated in it.

He said there had been lot of excitement and jubilation in Telangana in the wake of Congress Working Committee’s decision. Lot of people raised questions that it would lead to break-up of the country and open a Pandorá box. Similar fears were expressed when the country got independence but all the pundits were proved wrong and the country was forging ahead on several fronts, including human development, science and technology and economy.

Referring to claims of investments by Seemandhra people to develop Hyderabad, he said it was the fifth largest city in the country at the time of independence and continued to remain in the same position even now. It was wrong to say that people invest because it was a capital city. To drive home the point that they invest wherever they expect returns, he pointed out that Tamils, Malayalis and Telugus invested in Bengaluru and Gujaratis invested in Mumbai. Mr. Rao asserted that Hyderabad could not be separated from Telangana and there would be no compromise on it. The proposal of making Hyderabad a Union Territory was also unacceptable and declared that TRS rejected it outright. Finally, he said Telangana was an eventuality and opposition would only increase animosities. Earlier in her opening remarks, Dr. Malini Parthasarathy, Director of The Hindu Centre, said ‘The Hindu Centre’, was committed to nation-building and strengthening political institutions of this country and making democracy meaningful. Giving an outline of the three sessions organised as part of the event, she said the idea behind the consultation was to bring together the different voices, all undoubtedly genuine in their concern, to see if common ground could be made in relation to creation of Telangana.