Special Correspondent

TIRUPATI: Amid a vain bid by the police, the Sangh Parivar functionaries on Thursday torched the effigy of Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Gulam Nabi Azad at the busy four-pillar Mandapam junction in the temple city of Tirupati.

The agitationists representing BJP, RSS, Viswa Hindu Parishad and the ABVP formed a human-chain at the junction while another batch set afire the effigy even as the police tried to thwart the attempt without much success. The demonstrators holding placards and party flags shouted full-throated slogans against the J&K Chief Minister and the Central government. They demanded the immediate dismissal of the J&K government which had allegedly hurt badly the sentiments of the ‘majority Hindus’ in its bid to pamper the ‘minority Muslims’ for its own political mileage.

Later, the Sangh Parivar leaders addressing the demonstrators criticised that it was ironical that there should be such a hue and cry when a bit of forest land was allotted to the famous Hindu temple in our own country for the benefit of the visiting pilgrims while there was not even a whimper of protest from any quarters when the government spent crores of rupees every year towards the Haj pilgrimage.

The leaders said that the revocation of the order allotting the land to the Amarnath temple board was the height of appeasement policy of the UPA government. They appealed to all political parties, religious organisations and the intelligentsia to unequivocally condemn the move.