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Tractor along with the 100 cement bags seized by Kadiri town police

ANANTAPUR: About 100 bags of cement meant for Indiramma houses was seized near Kadiri on Friday, when it was being diverted to a private contractor.

The tractor along with the cement bags and a worker were handed over to the Kadiri town police by two Congress activists.

According to information reaching here the cement stored in a godown at Nallamada, meant for construction of Indiramma houses in Nallamada mandal, was loaded into the tractor belonging to a private contractor of Kadiri town Ramachandra by the workers in Nallamada and was taken to Kadiri.

Congress activists of Chowtukuntapalli in Nallamada mandal Narayana Reddy and Modin Khan on noticing this, followed the tractor on their two-wheeler and caught it red-handed when it was about to reach Kadiri.

Driver of the tractor Somasekhar Reddy escaped abaondoning the vehicle while a worker Ratnam was caught by the Congress activists.