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Kalyanotsavam to be celebrated in 150 centres across the State

  • Temples in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka too will celebrate the wedding
  • Panchaloha deities to be used in major centres
  • In Tirupati, the function will be from 6 p.m.

    TIRUPATI: Stage is set for the celestial wedding of Lord Venkateswara with His consorts -- Sridevi and Bhudevi -- slated on Wednesday on a grand scale in 150 places across the State and major centres in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

    It was only last year that the TTD management started the practice of performing `Kalyanotsavam' coinciding with `Sravana Pournami', the full moon day in the auspicious `Sravana' month.

    Dharma Prachara Parishat (DPP), the propagation arm of the TTD has been entrusted the task of conducting the event on a grand scale in TTD Kalyana Mandapams all over the State, besides some other temples in the semi-urban areas. `Panchaloha' deities will be used in major centres, `Sudha' (cement) idols in medium centres and portraits in rural centres for the occasion. The wedding is scheduled to in the morning simultaneously at all centres, but in Tirupati, it will be conducted from 6 pm at the playground behind the TTD administrative building.

    A sacred wristband, `Sri Venkateswara Kalyana Raksha kankanam', will be distributed to the devotees at all the centres. It may be noted that the kankanams were kept at the holy feet of the Lord inside the sanctum sanctorum before being dispatched to the venues.

    Dress code

    All the `Grihasthas' (married couples) participating in the grand gala wedding will have to be "traditionally dressed", that is, men have to wear dhoti and upper cloth and sport a `tilak' or 'chandan' on forehead, while saree is compulsory for women.

    The event is open and free for all.