Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) officials on Tuesday arrested two persons, Mallikarjun, whose wife Banuka Narmada is a member of the sixth ward of Secunderabad Cantonment Board (SCB) , and a builder, Sandeep Agarwal, on the charge of constructing buildings without permission.

A case was already registered against Mr. Mallikarjun for constructing the complex located along the Tadbun-Chinnatokatta road illegally, the CBI DIG, V.V. Laxminarayana, said.

Unlike other cases of deviating from permitted plans, this complex and another adjacent to it owned by Sandeep Agarwal, were built without permission from the SCB, according to the police.

The SCB had already issued notices to the two persons for demolition of the buildings. The SCB passed a resolution for demolition of the building belonging to Mallikarjun, to which his wife was a signatory since she was the board member.

Recently, the cantonment board decided to demolish the building and approached the Bowenpally police seeking protection to execute the decision.