Lok Satta Party National President Jayaprakash Narayan has appealed to all the political parties to make concerted efforts to liberate crime investigation from political control.

‘Grim reminder’

The CBI’s admission in the Supreme Court that it had shared its report on coal block allocations with the Union Government was a grim reminder of the political control over investigative processes, he said in a statement here on Tuesday.

“Going by CBI’s admission, it is reasonable to assume that the Government actually sought to influence the report and thereby the investigative process,” he said.

Plight of CBI

If that was the plight of CBI whose Director was appointed by the Vigilance Commission, then one could imagine the state of ordinary crime investigation in States, he said.

The Lok Satta president urged the political parties to demand that the CBI at the national level and ACBs and CBCID at the State level should be enabled to function fairly and independently.

The Second Administrative Reforms Commission had provided a road map for reforms, Jayaprakash Narayan said.