Special Correspondent

Main problem is the lack of remunerative price

Srikakulam: The cashewnut cultivating farmers, numbering more than 25,000 and spread over many villages in Tekkali, Palasa areas are a worried lot. Their problems have been multiplying without any hope of a solution. They face all the problems that the agricultural farmers have been facing but without some of the assistance that the latter are eligible to get.

Natural fury

The main problem is the lack of remunerative price for their produce. The prevailing price for a bag (80 kg) is around Rs.2,400. But farmers say that unless it is hiked to atleast Rs.4,000, it would not be remunerative for them. Recurring natural fury resulting in severe damage to the crop, has been another problem that the farmers had to cope up.

Rythanga Saadhana Committee, led by former MLA, Revathipathi submitted a memorandum to the Collector here on Monday listing out details of the woes of cashewnut farmers. Setting up cashewnut purchasing centers on the lines paddy purchasing centres is their main demand. Purchase of their produce directly by the Government would go a long way in ensuring them remunerative prices, farmers say. They recalled how, during the regime of K.Vijayabhaskara Reddy the price of cashewnut which was Rs.1,000 had gone up to Rs.1,300 when the setting up of cashewnut purchasing centers had been announced. They want an MSP of Rs.5,000 a bag.