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Sharif drives away in the Maruti van after his colleagues go inside a petrol pump

CMS executives say they have no info about him

Van owner too fails to give details about Sharif

HYDERABAD: The driver of a cash collecting agency fled with the company’s vehicle containing Rs. 41 lakh, collected from different customers for depositing in the bank, at Nacharam on Monday.

Sharif, 28, driver of Cash Management Services with headquarters in Mumbai, along with three other colleagues, stopped at Shell petrol bunk on Mallapur road in Nacharam for collection of cash around 1.30 p.m. They had started in the morning and had already collected Rs. 41,97,158 from 23 clients, including supermarkets and big shops.

Cash pick-up boys, Shiva Kumar and Srinivas, both in their early 20s, went inside the petrol bunk office and security guard, Shiva Kumar, got off the Maruti van to fetch drinking water while the driver remained in his seat.

Sharif, who was apparently waiting for an opportunity to flee, drove away in the van (AP09S5230) that had Rs. 19 lakh belonging to soft drinks company in a bag and the remaining sum in a trunk box. By the time the guard returned, he disappeared with the van.

The CMS workers called him on his mobile but it was switched off.

The CMS executives said they had no details about Sharif as he was working for Bikshapathi, owner of the van leased out to CMS. Even the van owner could not give any information about Sharif maintaining that the latter joined him a fortnight ago and came to duty for just three days.

“The van owner didn’t keep photo copy of the driver’s licence or photo. He doesn’t even know where exactly Sharif’s house is,” Nacharam Inspector Hari Krishna, said. Before coming to duty, the driver took Bikshapathi to a locality in RTC Colony in Secunderabad and told him that he lives there.