Staff Reporter

VISAKHAPATNAM: Some unidentified persons snatched a cash bag containing Rs.1.2 lakhs from a man in Old Town area on Tuesday. D. Sundara Rao, an employee of a private company located at Sea Horse junction, withdrew Rs.1.20 lakhs from the Punjab National Bank branch located in LIC Building on Tuesday afternoon. He put the cash in an executive bag and hung it across his shoulder and set off on his moped.

The thieves, who must have been watching him all the while, followed him on another vehicle. They intercepted him before Sea Horse junction and the person who was pillion riding the vehicle snatched the bag and the duo sped away.

Man robbed

Two youths posing themselves as policemen snatched a cell phone and Rs. 4,000 in cash from a person on Monday night.

According to police, the youths accosted Rama Rao of Jyothinagar around 10.30 p.m. at Madhavardhara. Rama Rao is a tailor who also works as an auto driver and was walking home after handing over the auto to another person.