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Pamphlets stating ‘Go back Andhra Employees’ pasted on the walls of those from Andhra region

SANGAREDDY: Despite an assurance from the politicians that division of State would be peaceful, things that may unfold later contrary to the promise are occurring.

Few days ago, pamphlets were pasted on the houses of employees from Andhra region demanding them to go back to their native places. The incident took place right under the nose of the district administration. Pamphlets carrying the message “Go back Andhra Employees” were pasted on the compound walls of the houses where employees from Andhra region were staying. This was reportedly done at the behest of a TRS leader.

Following this, another incident took place at Daultabad where some teachers from Andhra region were asked to go back. The incident took place on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, some of the agitators gave slogans demanding the Zilla Parishad CEO S. Vasudevulu to go back. He hails from Andhra region.

According to a senior official, the vertical split was visible even among the students. “One of the teachers informed that split was visible among the students in their school. Pupils are divided over regional lines and entering into arguments,” he said. However, when contacted, the principal of that particular school rejected to confirm any such division.