Officials collecting details of scrap imports received by local firms from different countries

Naidupeta police, who found close to thousands of empty cartridges in a dried-up canal near Menakur village on April 19, are clueless over the origin of the ammunition dump.

The investigating officers, who met their counterparts from Tamil Nadu and questioned a few persons in the case, could not get any useful information regarding the case.

Now, the cops are trying to collect the details of scrap imports received by local iron scrap companies from different countries.

However, the police confirmed that there were no live cartridges in the dump and ruled out Maoist hand in the fired cartridges case.

Imported scrap

Believing that the bullet casings were part of scrap material imported by some factories in the locality, the police are collecting the details of consignments sent to the scrap units in the district.

In the wake of the ammunition dump unearthed in the industrial area, the police are asking the industries to submit the details of the nature of work of each company, imports and exports and the list of employees and labourers working in the units.

Recently, Guntur Range IGP Harish Kumar Gupta directed the police to collect information of all the industries, power plants, Special Economic Zones (SEZs) and textile parks coming up in the district.

The IG asked the police to keep a vigil on the migrants who came from other States and countries and asked them to maintain a data, which will help the police to prevent crimes.

Many industries are engaging daily wage labours, drivers and other staff from different States without following the Labour Department rules.


A few days ago, the Labour Department officials raided a brick kiln near Venkatagiri town and released five bonded labourers from Maharashtra, who were allegedly detained by the kiln owner.

“The Naidupeta police were asked to collect information on scrap imports received by three companies located on Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu borders for the past few months. We will solve the empty cartridges case soon,” said Gudur DSP K. Narayana Reddy, who is supervising the investigation of the case.

  • Police confirm there are no live cartridges, rule out Maoist hand in fired cartridges case
  • Police collecting data of industries, power plants, SEZs, and textile parks