G. Ravikiran

The girls aspiring for bright careers pay more attention to good looks

VIJAYAWADA: Fitness, beauty and an impressive personality seem to be the key to active lifestyles and bright opportunities. Present day girls aspiring for bright careers are paying lot more attention to their good looks and impressive personality with the sole objective of doing well in career, interviews and live up to on-job challenges. “It is true my chances have brightened after I gave attention to my slimness.

Now I am confident of doing well in my career," says Sri Vani, a girl looking for a break as an anchor. Beauty clinics and fitness centres are responding to the needs of such girls by introducing a variety of methods to maintain weight and look smart.

Padmaja Harikrishna, a career-conscious woman, advocates the need for equipping nowadays girls and working women with strong personalities and good looks by creating awareness about fitness and beauty care. “Many are conscious about their figure and identity. But many more have to be reached to enable them to increase their strengths,” says Ms. Padmaja, who owns Miracle Advanced Beauty Care on Eluru Road.

Fat reduction

Employed women are very much conscious of the need for keeping themselves impressive by going for slimming and figure correction therapies. Because of traditional rice eating habit and sedentary lifestyles, most women gain five to 15 kg more weight.

The weight has to be reduced by fat reduction techniques and skin tightening programmes.

These are only some of the mantras that fitness trainers and beauticians chant these days to provide a correct direction to the new generation of society-driven and job-conscious women to achieve their goals. Fitness advocates advise figure-conscious women to eat rice only once a day and that too in the afternoons.

Non-rice items during the remaining part of the day will help keep themselves maintain good health.

There are many don’ts. No pickles, no non-vegetarian, no sugar and no sweets. They say no to even fruit juices. Eating peeled fruits, is healthy and also gives some exercise.