They come on foot, drive away with the car at gunpoint, use the robbed vehicle to commit robbery after a few days, and execute all this with minimum violence.

These robbers, who struck for the third time in Madhapur on Monday by snatching a car after intimidating its driver with a revolver, are keeping the Cyberabad police on tenterhooks. As the gang used two of the cars snatched earlier to commit robberies, the police are determined to prevent them from committing a third one.

Investigation into the snatchings of the cars -- all Tata Indica models – threw up some interesting facts. Passengers travelling in private cars were being looted near ‘dhabas' at Zaheerabad, and Omrabad and Omargaon of neighbouring States, on the Hyderabad-Shirdi route from 2010. The modus operandi suggests that the same gang was responsible for the snatching of the three cars. The first one, snatched in October, was used to rob a person who withdrew rupees five lakh from a bank and was returning home in his car, near Kukatpally. They struck again in January and used the stolen car to rob Rs.38 lakh from the cash collection boys of a group of wine shops at Madhapur. Unlike another gang hailing from Haryana which snatched a car from Madannapet a few months ago, these offenders never resorted to violence. “The Haryana gang shot dead a wine shop cashier at Hayathangar and fired at a jewellery shop owner in Medchal. This gang didn't even slap the victims,” investigators said.