In the ongoing electioneering, nominees of different parties are coming out with a variety of promises to win over the support of the common public. The average voter is flooded with promises like free smart phones, TVs, dish connections and so on. There are allegations and counter allegations that some nominees are distributing sarees and nose rings to women.

As women and young girl students constitute a significant part of the electorate, the respective political parties are making sure that their needs are addressed in their electioneering along with their male counterparts.

In the campaign pamphlets, TDP Nellore Lok Sabha nominee Adala Prabhakar Reddy is listing out the welfare programmes promised by their party. These included waiver of DWCRA loans given to women’s groups, cancellation of belt shops as per the wishes of women and also payment of Rs.1,000 pension to old people.

TDP Nellore city nominee Mungamuru Sridhar Krishna Reddy is making promises on development aspect. He is talking about the Rs. 1.6 crore electricity sub-station and electricity lines completed during his previous term as MLA. He is also referring to the Rs. 5-crore drinking water supply augmentation.

The contesting candidates are also touching upon the future projects like the implementation of development programmes in weaker sections colonies with funds under the SC, ST sub-plan. The development of underground drainage system in the city is also on their agenda.

Clean city

Some nominees are promising to make Nellore a clean and green city by involving all sections of the people in the programme. For this, they proposed to draw special plans for every municipal division. This is part of the agenda to make the city mosquito-free with its people well protected from outbreak of viral fever.

They are promising welfare programmes, clean and green city, sub-stations, underground drainage systems and so on