The Telangana Auto Drivers Joint Action Committee has demanded recalibration of the auto-rickshaw meters in the city after conducting the Time Test along with the Practical Road Test as per the rules. It also demanded that the meter recalibration already done for 25,000 auto-rickshaws should be cancelled, and redone after conducting the test.

“According to the Rule 373 of the Motor Vehicles Act, the Legal Metrology department should conduct the two tests before sealing the meters. Purpose of the Time Test is to determine the waiting charges, which the officials are not carrying out,” alleged Convener of the Committee Mohd. Amanullah Khan at a press conference here on Tuesday. Instead, they are sealing the meters after conducting the Practical Road Test. As a result, the meters of a particular company are showing reading as Rs.16.90 within four minutes after the auto is engaged. In an hour, the waiting charges rise to Rs.31.30, resulting in brawls between drivers and passengers.

Even the remaining six brands are showing Rs.1.9 in excess of the permitted waiting charges per hour. The permissible waiting charges are Rs.0.5 for every two minutes.Mr. Khan claimed that no meter in the city is calibrated to precision with regard to waiting charges. He alleged collusion between the meter manufacturers and the Legal Metrology officials as the reason behind the laxity.