TRS legislator T. Harish Rao campaigned for the success of TRS supporters in the gram panchayat elections in various villages of Chigurumamidi, Saidapur and Koheda mandals in Karimnagar district on Sunday.

Mr. Harish Rao conducted a whirlwind tour of Vennampalli, Eglaspur, Duddenapalli, Ghanpur and other villages of Saidapur mandal and also Sundaragiri, Bommanapalli, Seetharampur, Indurthi and other villages in Chigurumamidi mandal and some villages of Koheda mandal and called upon the people to elect TRS-supported candidates in the panchayat elections and uphold the Telanagna sentiment.

Warm welcome

He was accorded a warm welcome in all villages amid slogans of “Jai Telangana”.

He appealed to the voters to defeat the Congress candidates in the elections and safeguard the Telangana sentiment.

He alleged that the Seemandhra leaders had decided to obstruct the formation of a separate Telangana when the Union government had decided to carve out a separate State to fulfil the long-cherished dream of the region.

He also told voters not to succumb to the pressures of those who were distributing money and liquor.