Social activist and Lok Satta vice-president Parcha Kodandarama Rao exhorted NSS volunteers to campaign against selling of votes during elections which only deprived people of their right to question the erring politicians later.

Participating at chief guest at NSS camp of Thushara Degree College at Battupalli village here on Saturday, Mr. Rao asked the volunteers to launch a campaign in their respective villages and discourage the people from taking money for votes. “You all talk about leaders amassing wealth after getting elected. When you question them, they simply shut your mouth stating they spent huge sums for buying votes during elections,” he said. It was time that people stopped taking money for votes lest they lose their invaluable right to question irregularities in development and spending of public funds. The youth should voluntarily take up this cause if they desired a better society.

The unwillingness on the part of educated youth to enter politics was posing more danger to the democracy than with the criminalisation of politics. “When educated youth who are capable and of clean character shy away from politics, the criminals grab that opportunity. There is no use crying about bad politics later,” he said.

NSS programme officer and assistant professor K Yakaiah and others were present.

NSS volunteers urged to discourage people from taking money for votes