Preoccupied with a tight academic schedule and under pressure to perform in competitive exams, children have missed out on playing traditional Indian games and learning folk songs and dances.

Therefore, a cultural organisation in the town is holding a month-long summer camp at the AKVK College till May 29 free of cost for children to get a feel of the traditional games like Kara Billa, Goli, Kollatam, papercrafts etc., as also “Janapatha Geetalu and Nruthyalu''

Noted writer M. Venkateswara Reddy while speaking to The Hindu, said that “as many as 70 children in the age of four years to 15 years have enrolled. We identify each child's special qualities, nurture creativity in them and make learning experience a joyful one''.

The camp starts everyday at 9.00 am, about 70 children first learn “yogaasanas'' from Chaitanya Yoga Foundation instructor Ratna Mala.

Children are taught the basics of magic by magician C. A. Prasad, while artist T. Ravi Kumar helps bring out creativity through drawing and paintings lessons. Special Instructor Aruna Kumari introduces paper-crafts.

“We have brought folk artiste Y. Anjaneyulu from J Pongaluru to get a feel of the folk arts and dances. Children are encouraged to perform monoacting and narrate short stories written by them till 12.30 pm each day,” he added.