The rapidly developing technologies have created new health hazards, for instance the electromagnetic radiation from cell towers poses a serious health hazard to residents in the vicinity, Vice-Chancellor of Andhra University G.S.N. Raju said.

Addressing a gathering on the occasion of World Alzheimer’s Day at a function organised by Visakha Psychiatric Society and Sneha Sandhya, the Vice-Chancellor said the electromagnetic radiation is known to affect the working of the brain and it could turn out to be a one of the major factors causing dementia. He called for a greater inter-disciplinary research in the subject of human health.

Nowadays the parents work hard to bring up their children and send them abroad for higher education and career opportunities and finally when they retire they find themselves alone with no one to care for them. There is a need for everyone to understand the requirement of the elderly for physical, emotional and economic support and provide it. There is a need for counselling of the family members too on the subject, chairman of an NGO Sneha Sandhya K.J.R Sarma said. Society at large should also own up the elderly and provide them succour, he urged. Former Director Medical Education and noted psychiatrist G Bhagya Rao in his keynote address explained the issues in treatment of persons affected by dementia. He listed out the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and elaborated on its treatment as a social and individual problem. There is a need for recognising the indications of dementia and starting treatment at an early stage to stem the deterioration, president of Visakha Psychiatric Society C Radhakant said. Some of these symptoms are not likely to occur in the same sequence in all patients, he added. Swami Guneshananda of Ramakrishna Mission spoke on spirituality in old age. Professor in Andhra University Department Psychology M V R Raju also spoke.