G.V. Prasada Sarma

‘It can be used as balancing reservoir so as to supply water to many people'

Residents of Vadlapudi and Aganampudi rehabilitation colonies face water problem

Water from Raiwada or Meghadrigedda should be routed to the tank, says CPI(M) leader

VISAKHAPATNAM: In spite of an 11-acre tank close to their habitations, residents of Vadlapudi and Aganampudi rehabilitation colonies thirst for clean drinking water.

The Ravula tank at Kurmannapalem is ideal for use as a balancing reservoir so as to supply water to areas in Wards 53, 58 and 60 of the Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation.

“Ever since a pipeline has been laid from Raiwada reservoir, groundwater level has fallen. The water from borewells is not sufficient,” complains Y. Krishna Rao, a retired Joint Director of Employment and Training. Residents say the groundwater is muddy and precipitation occurs when it is boiled. It has fluoride content, they allege.


Ravula tank, an abandoned irrigation tank, was taken up for de-silting under the ‘Neeru-Meeru' programme of the State government by forming a committee in 2000 with G. Ananda Rao as president after the area faced acute water scarcity in 1998 and 99. As per the pre and post-level measurement of the depths, 80,716 cubic meters (19.94 acres) of earth was excavated with government contribution coming to Rs.9.72 lakhs and that of beneficiaries Rs.2.99 lakhs.

The committee got laid a road connecting Kurmannapalem to Pedayatapalem and raised it by 5-6 ft.

A surplus weir of the tank was renovated and two big pipe culverts for flow between the two portions of the tank constructed.

“Residents face water shortage and even groundwater is not adequate as bores dry up. Nowhere in the 72 wards of the corporation such a big tank is available for storage.

Besides, it will keep recharging groundwater table and will be in a position to supply water all through the year,” says CPI(M) district secretary Ch. Narsinga Rao.

During a visit to the tank along with retired Chief Engineer S. Satyanarayana, he demanded that water from Raiwada reservoir or Meghadrigedda should be routed to the tank and supplied to the people of the area. The tank will cater to the needs of one lakh people, he says.

Mr. Satyanarayana is of the view that the 11-acre site with a depth of about 20 ft would be able to support the needs of one lakh people if groundwater recharge is also taken into account. Water from Raiwada or MGR could be diverted as an open canal was nearby.

The canal dried up after the pipeline was laid.

Local CPI(M) leader Jagga Rao says the water supplied by GVMC tankers was reddish in colour. As the supply was inadequate, it leads to quarrels with police interfering.

He said the Vadlapudi and Aganampudi rehabilitation colony residents gave their land for the steel plant. It would be in the fitness of things if the plant supplied water to them now.