The NSS students should become the warriors of environment and work to conserve nature, said Vice-Chancellor of Andhra University G.S.N. Raju. Addressing the gathering of NSS volunteers at the mega camp ‘environment enrichment’ organised by NSS of AU on Sunday, he said every individual should feel responsible towards enriching the environment. “The youth should come forward to put an end to the abuse of natural resources and work to protect the environment by all means,” he said.

Prof. Raju also participated in the university cleaning programme along with the students. Later, NSS students went around cleaning the AU premises near Vice-Chancellor and Registrar offices, and Department of Food and Nutrition, among other areas.

Some 400 students from 30 colleges participated in the camp, according to NSS Programme Coordinator of AU N.A.D. Pal. District Medical Health Officer Rama Rao delivered a lecture on disaster management.