Member of Karnataka State Council of Higher Education R.L.M. Patil called for electoral reforms, including right to recall a member if he fails to live up to the expectations of the electorate.

He said that the candidates who contest in the elections should have minimum qualification of being able to read, write and comprehend the issues of State and the problems of the people.

Delivering a talk on ‘Constitution and Coalition Dharma’ organised by the Centre for Policy Studies here on Monday he said that politics is nothing but an art of running a coalition government. Coalition by itself is not bad when it is for the good of the people, he added.

Further, he was totally against independents contesting elections.

Similarly judiciary’s functioning also should be split into three wings including trying of only constitutional cases, setting up of an ombudsman bench and leaving trial of all cases to High Courts and lower courts without having to review subordinate court judgments.

The US Supreme Court, he pointed out, entertains less than 100 cases per year and that too cases of constitutional importance.

He suggested that we adopt the Switzerland style of approval of constitutional amendments.

Director Centre for Policy Studies A. Prasanna Kumar said that Indian democracy itself is a grand coalition of multiple languages, religions and castes.

India should mature from pursuing coalition politics to coalition culture. Regional parties which represent regional cultures pose a serious challenge even as the countdown for 2014 election begins.

Ex-Mayor D.V.Subba Rao said that he basically was not finding fault with Constitutional bodies like Parliament, Executive or Judiciary but men who are manning those institutions as it is they who could make or break them.

  • Talk on ‘Constitution and Coalition Dharma’ organised

  • Patil against independents contesting elections