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Sri Devi Vision has been providing this service for last two years

VISAKHAPATNAM: A cable connection for Rs.50 a month? Sounds unbelievable, but it is true. Sri Devi Vision (SDV) has been providing this to its viewers for the last two years and continues to do so in spite of many satellite channels converting into pay channels.

''We started off as a small network in Muralinagar two years ago and today our network has expanded to almost all areas of the city.

Turning point

We have a strong presence in many areas right from Madhurawada to the north of the city to Sriharipuram in the south and this has been made possible with the support of our viewers,'' said managing partner of Sree Devi Master Media Systems Isukapalli Ramakrishna Raju at a media conference on Saturday.

Recalling the events which led to the formation of SDV, he said that an operator in Muralinagar had suddenly hiked the monthly rental from Rs.100 to Rs.175 and the residents association suggested that he could peg the hike at Rs.150 to prevent an undue burden on the common people. The operator instead of heeding the advice withdrew the connections thinking that the viewers have no other choice but to give in to his demands.

At this juncture, SDV was launched in a small way and has grown from strength to strength in just two years.

He said that the basic idea of SDV was to arrest monopolistic tendencies among cable operators.

Mr. Ramakrishna Raju said that some operators were trying to create hurdles in the expansion of SDV by resorting to cutting off the cables in some areas and carrying on propaganda that the network would close shop. He appealed to the people not to believe such rumours and continue to support the channel.

Later, he presented laminated portraits of Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Rabindranath Tagore and others to the VJF Press Club.