Staff Reporter

HYDERABAD: The police have stumbled upon evidence in the sensational murder of financier Rajeev Sisodia, at Banjara Hills indicating that it was the fallout of business dispute with a close relative.

Sources said that the evidence gathered so far , suggested that one of the victim’s close relatives had got him killed by hired assassins. Including Sisodia’s relative, police zeroed in on six hired killers.

The relative in question has already been taken into custody and is being interrogated. While four of the assailants were picked from Zaheerabad , special teams were sent to Gulbarga and other parts of Karnataka to nab the remaining suspects.

Sisodia and his relatives reportedly ventured into a new business few months ago. Disputes arose among the two over sharing of profits . The relative, according to police sources , urged Sisodia to pay him Rs. 30 lakh towards his share.


As Sisodia didn’t yield to the pressure tactics adopted by his relative, the latter hatched a plot to get him killed and hired six persons to execute the murder. “The murder was planned for over three months and we have evidence to show the victim’s relative had spoken to the killers at least 20 times before the plan was executed,” an officer said.

Police had initially suspected members of a recently busted gang, which was charged with stealing four-wheelers and getting them financed through fabricated documents, could be behind the murder, but it was not so.

When police arrived, Sisodia’s relative gave details of the victim’s business. “We learnt from neaighbours that he had dispute with Sisodia and spilled the beans during persistent interrogation,” the investigating officers said.