A youngster from Devarkonda of Mahabubnagar landed behind the bars after walking into the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Shamshabad, wearing a locket containing a bullet on Thursday.

M. Ajith is pursuing degree programme in medicine in Kazakhstan and went to the airport to fly to that country the previous night. As he passed through the security check, the scanning machine beeped and the officials suspected he was carrying some explosive material. The alerted security personnel detained the youngster and found a bullet in the locket he wore. The medico tried to convince the police that he didn’t possess a firearm to use the bullet. “In Ukraine where I studied earlier, bullets are used as decorative pieces and this locket was gifted to me by one of my friends,” he argued. But the police found a mark on the cap of the bullet suggesting that an attempt was made to use it by putting in a firearm. There was no way except sending the bullet to the ballistic experts to ascertain facts and this required registration of a case. The police booked a case, arrested the medico and produced him before a local court.