The mobile subscriber base in the district is 4.7 lakh

Connectivity and ‘call drop' problems continue to dog Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) mobile subscribers in the district despite efforts being made by the authorities to overcome them. Resistance from the public to the erection of cell towers and changes in the direction of tower antennas are coming in the way of providing better services to cellular users.

The mobile subscriber base of BSNL in Visakhapatnam Telecom district is 4.7 lakh and is growing. “It's estimated to reach five lakh by the end of 2011. Though we have identified locations for erection of new cell towers at Karasa, Burma Camp, Urvasi Junction and Maddilapalem in the city a few months ago, erection couldn't be taken up as the residents are objecting to it,” Telecom District General Manager P. Naga Raju told The Hindu .

“The public can be rest assured that there will be no harmful radiation from our cell towers. The radiation levels of BSNL towers are much less than the norms prescribed by the government,” he says seeking to allay the apprehensions of the public. The ground has been cleared for erection of a new cell tower at Gurudwara junction and it will be taken up soon.

“BSNL towers emit 20 watts of power in compliance with international norms. Radiation in excess of 20 W can harm human beings. Some of the private players are going up to 30 W and 40 W in a bid to retain their customer base,” said a BSNL source. The higher pumping of radiation would allow penetration of signals into buildings in shadow zones.

More towers planned

“The use of 3G mobile phones is also on the rise as more and more youth find it convenient to browse the Internet on their mobile. Those who do not have a landline connection can purchase 3G data cards and access the Internet on their mobiles,” says General Manager (Mobile and Business Enterprise) R.M.M. Krishna.

“The circuits, which were hitherto being operated through digital TAX, have been changed to IP TAX (Internet Portal based). The work has been completed recently and this is expected to reduce congestion. We are prepared to erect a few more towers in the shadow zone areas in the city, if owners of multi-storeyed buildings come forward,” Mr. Naga Raju said when his attention was drawn to connectivity problems in a few areas.

  • BSNL towers emit 20 watts of power in compliance with international norms
  • ‘3G data cards will come in handy for Net users'