abcacbacba Phone tapping is the latest controversy to hit headlines. If you were to dial T for tapping, who would be your prime target?

Broadcast rights

There should a Tap Authority Post (TAP), a novel audiotape bulletin with broadcasts at midnight and midday.

TAP should cover tele-talks of politicians to expose their vested interests behind proposed public welfare schemes and those of teachers to leak question papers to students.

K. Hanumantha Rao,


Shoppers' tap

What can be better than tapping the phone of your own wife and knowing the shops she is going for shopping the next day to spend a bulk of money on nothing. This way you can save a lot of your hard earned money by bribing those shops to remain closed on that particular day.

Vinod Yadav,


Makes sense

Gods generally discuss the activities they are going to perform on earth (like rain, snow etc.) and on individuals (like happiness, marriage, promotions, death etc). By tapping the phones of Gods I can know these things in advance and by publishing or advertising I will become the God of this universe at least as long as I am alive and I will become a billionaire. Things are so easy with tapping right!

Pooja Kumari,


Swiss call

I would tap the phones of all those with accounts in Swiss banks.

N. Siddhartha,


Sonia's silence

Amar Singh: Mulayamji! You know Soniaji is maintaining a stony silence.

She is not responding at all to blames or any kind of provocation. Unless she joins the issue and bursts out against us with threats of declaring emergency in the country we cannot garner support of the like-minded bhaiyyas and the formation of a third front remains a dream.

We should urgently 'do something 'and reach her to know her mind, catch the lead and change our game plan suitably.

Mulayam Singh: Amarji! Are you hinting at tap..tapping her phone?

Amar Singh: Ha, Bade Bhaiyya, aap bilkul theek samjhe.

M.A. Hakeem,


Osama unveiled

Clinch the reward of the century by tapping the tele-con between Musharraf and Osama while the latter is blasting the General.

"How long do you want me to hide from Bush in the bushes of your backyard. You cashed on me heavily and filled your coffers. I am still awaiting your official declaration of asylum to me." Musharraf pacifies him: "Hold on, my country cousin. And sorry for back stepping on my promise.

But your salvation is not too far off as Bush is not in a position to withstand America's wrath anymore and is coming himself to cut all bushes and catch you sitting on a treetop. I've already received the advance payment."



Ganguly's groans

Just tap the phone of beleaguered ex-captain of Indian cricket team Saurav Ganguly beseeching selectors and other bigwigs to help him with their prerogative in ensuring him a spot in the Indian team.

V.U.V.S.N. Prasad,


Digging deep

My target would be our own MPs and MLAs so that with the 'exact phrases and language' they use while their conversation in different moods, I can write a book called

'The Algebra Of Comedy, A Collection of Abuses, Apologies, Threats and Tricks'. But remember not to tap phones of Ministers aged above 80 (especially Vajpayee). You might end up with an ear-machine.

Shaik Haseena


Ash it is

If I have a chance to tap a phone, I would like to tap Aishwarya Rai's phone to know her feelings, tastes, likes and dislikes so that I can offer gifts to her accordingly before taking photos and autographs.

Sappa Srinivasa Rao,