Endowments Minister presents silk robes to presiding deity

Intermittent rain played spoilsport on Moola Nakshatram day, considered auspicious by the devotees, celebrations. Notwithstanding, scores of devotees thronged Indrakeeladri, abode of Sri Durga Malleswara Swamyvarla Devasthanam, to offer prayers to the presiding deity on Saturday.

The goddess was adorned as Saraswathi Devi, holding a ‘veena’ on her lap and blessing her devotees. The temple was thrown open for general public in wee hours. The people consider ‘Moola Nakshtram’ or ‘Janma Nakshtram’ of the goddess as auspicious as it is the birthday of the deity.

It is considered the most auspicious during the Dasara festival and devotees visited the temple in a large numbers for worship.

The temple authorities stopped sale of all darshan tickets — Rs.100 and Rs. 250— in view of heavy rush. The antaralaya darshan was also stopped. All queue lines were turned into general darshan lines to clear the pilgrim rush and speedy movement of devotees.

The turnout was less when compared to previous years. The devotees braved the rains and thronged Indrakeeladri hill.

They were drenched in the rain with with water-proof shamiyanas covering the queue lines offering no shelter at all. Many pilgrims took a holy dip in the Krishna before entering the queue lines at Vinayaka temple.

The officials stopped operating of special vehicles meant for the VIPs, media and others to the temple in view of heavy rush since morning. The aged and physically challenged faced hardships as the free buses meant for them were also cancelled. District Collector M. Buddha Prakash Jyothi and others also came by foot to reach the temple.

On the occasion, Endowments Minister C. Ramachandraiah presented silk robes to the presiding deity. Wearing a traditional turban, the minister along with his wife carried the traditional silk robes on his head and offered them to presiding deity.

Many parents performed Aksharabhyasam to their children at Trisakthi peetham near PNBS. The Marakata Rajarajeswari temple at Patamata also witnessed heavy rush.

  • People consider ‘Moola Nakshatram’ as auspicious

  • Sale of all darshan tickets stopped in view of rush