The Telugu version of the book ‘Look at Tirumala Hills from scientific angle also’, which illustrates the relation between nature and humans with a semi-scientific analysis, was released at the Tirupati Press Club here on Tuesday.

Speaking to media persons, author V. Rajagopal, who retired as director, Central Plantation Crops Research Institute (CPCRI), said that Tirumala hills endowed with rich biodiversity and natural forest wealth was now facing environmental degradation due to unabated construction activity. “The book, originally published in English, was translated by linguist Sri Kasibhatla Satyakumar Sarma. Based on certain metrics, the economic loss to environment amounted to Rs. 70,000 lakh,” he added. Mr. Rajagopal also wanted the points mentioned in the book to be treated as constructive criticism and the situation in the temple improved.

Psychologist N.B. Sudhakar Reddy opined that the ‘darshan’ of Lord Venkateswara should be held with ‘Samadhrusti’, by removing the concept of VIP and other darshans. “This would help in stabilising the psychological issues and irritability of many ordinary pilgrims,” he added.

Journalist A. Devarajan observed that the book was a scientific analysis of both -- biodiversity and worship -- at the temple. The book was released by PRSI Tirupati Chairperson C. Swarajya Lakshmi.