Staff Reporter

VIJAYAWADA: The body of a 65-year-old woman packed in a gunny bag was spotted in Ryve’s canal behind Vijaya theatre on Wednesday.

Passers-by found the gunny bag with blood stains in the morning and alerted the Satyanarayanapuram police. The police, who opened the bag, found the body with axe injuries on the head and back. The police found bloodstains on the canal bridge too. They suspected that the women might have been killed in the early hours of the day and the body was thrown into the canal. As there was no water flow in the canal, the gunny bag settled on the silt. The body was sent to the mortuary of the Government General Hospital. The police found that the victim suffered from leukoderma and suspected that she could be a labourer. An exercise began to establish the identity of the victim. Satyanarayanapuram police are investigating.