Over 750 students of the GITAM University donated blood at a blood donation camp organised on the University campus on Friday.

The camp was organised jointly by the GITAM Dental College and Hospital and the GITAM University NSS wing. The Indian Red Cross and King George Hospital Blood Banks collected blood and issued the appreciation certificates to the students.

Inaugurating the camp, Commissioner of Police B.Shivadhara Reddy termed blood donation as the greatest of all donations as it saves precious lives.

Blood bank soon

Noting the rise in number of road accidents every year in the country, he advised the students to take safety precautions like wearing a helmet and seat belts while driving. Defensive driving is only way to protect the vehicle users, he asserted.

Appreciating the students for their social commitment GITAM president M.V.V.S.Murthy announced that the University was planning to start a medical college to serve the poor and also planning to start a blood bank to help the needy.

The GITAM Dental Hospital is serving one lakh people every year in and around Visakhapatnam, he noted and added that the proposed hospital would also work with the same spirit of service.

There is no substitute for blood and every healthy person can donate one unit of blood every 55 days, KGH Superintendent M.Madhusudhan Babu said.

Every year there is a requirement for 50 million units blood in the country, he said and appreciated the students for donating blood to KGH. Former principal of Andhra Medical College K.Venugopala Rao explained that each unit of blood that is donated saves three lives. Vice-chancellor G.Subrahmanyam, registrar M.Potharaju, principal Dental College & Hospital K.Gangadhara Prasad, NSS Unit coordinator P.V.Nageswara Rao, director student affairs K.Veerabhadram appreciated the students.

‘There is no substitute to blood and every healthy person can donate one unit every 55 days’