The temperature zooms to 41.2 degrees

Signs of summer are here. People of Bezwada, popularly known as ‘Blazewada’, do not need the numbers put out by the Weatherman for knowing how hot it is. The temperature display at All India Radio shows 41.2 degrees indicating we have landed in real summer, but a couple of days before that there was early morning chill with fog enveloping the entire city providing some relief. From Friday morning a striking difference could be witnessed with sharp sunrays making it difficult even at 9 a.m. The number of people on the streets thinned, and even those who were forced to venture out scurried for a tree shade or shelter on the main roads. Greenery was the worst hit with patches of grey and yellow showing up, except for those which are being watered regularly. Earthen pots are in great demand and are on sale at every street corner, and some vendors are taking to the people’s door-step on platform-rickshaws. The Krishna, which has at least some flow from the Prakasam Barrage, has become a highway for bicyclers.

Text: Ramesh Susarla

Photos: Ch. Vijaya Bhaskar