‘Congress will further lose credibility by continuing for full term’

Asserting that the Bharatiya Janata Party was prepared to face elections anytime, senior party leader M. Venkaiah Naidu said the Congress would only suffer further loss of image and credibility by continuing for the full term.

No amount of manoeuvres, including change in leadership and timing of the poll, will help the Congress as it is set to suffer heavily in the elections. “The writing on the wall is clear and people are waiting for an opportunity to throw this government out,” he said, adding that the BJP was the only natural alternative for the people.

Mr. Naidu was addressing the participants of a seminar ‘Speedier Justice and Justice for all’ organised by the State Legal and Legislative Cell here on Saturday. He criticised the UPA government for its “dinner diplomacy” claiming that the Congress was not prepared for a debate on its decisions like allowing Foreign Direct Investment in retail and voting by the members. He said the time had come for the UPA allies like Samajwadi Party, BSP and DMK to take a firm stand either in favour of corruption or the people. “It is an acid test for the allies too as the pressure mounted in the form of CBI probes cannot stand for long. They cannot hoodwink the people taking one stand outside and supporting the UPA inside the Parliament,” he added.

BJP deputy leader in Rajya Sabha Ravishankar Prasad, who was also present, described the present dispensation as the “most corrupt” since Independence. Though people “lost count of incidents of corruption”, the government was not interested in a fair inquiry as “more skeletons are bound to tumble out of the cupboard”. He said the BJP would continue to insist on the need for examining the Prime Minister in the 2G, CWG and Coalgate issues as also the Congress president Sonia Gandhi for shielding the corrupt