Haribabu says Narendra Modi is capable of providing leadership to the nation

BJP National Executive Committee member K. Haribabu said the party’s Parliamentary Board would choose its Prime Ministerial candidate at an appropriate time and asserted that Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi was capable of giving the kind of leadership people wanted.

Reports that there was no consensus about his candidature for the top post were creation of his detractors.

The Parliamentary Board would reach a conclusion on who should steer the party in 2014 elections on its own, Mr. Haribabu said in a press conference at the district party office here on Friday.

The BJP is surging ahead with the two main slogans P2 and G2 meaning ‘pro-poor’ and ‘good governance’ respectively and the anti-establishment winds have already started blowing across the country due to the all-round failure of UPA-II.

Besides, the ruling coalition is going to face the consequences of major scandals which made a huge dent in the exchequer. More than half of the people aged above 35 years are with the BJP, which is fully committed to development and welfare.