The division should not be at the cost of other region, says party leader

The Bharatiya Janata Party in a resolution at Kakinada in 1997 called for a division of the State for administrative convenience and better development of both regions, the party continues to stand by the resolution, party State vice-president B. Rangamohan said.

The party was clearly against a division that is not rooted in logic and is biased towards one region, he told the media here on Monday.

The party leaders from the region have clearly expressed their opposition to the manner the Congress was going ahead with the division of the State, purely based on political convenience.

The way the Congress was going about the process showed that it was being done in a hurry only to reap political benefits out of it, but neither to do justice to the people nor create a conducive atmosphere for development of both states. The proposed division would create a number of problems for the Seemandhra region, he pointed out.

The region would stand to lose a lot in terms of irrigation waters, education and employment opportunities, apart from industries, among others, he pointed out. The BJP leadership from the Seemandhra region have met the party leadership at New Delhi, including party president Rajnath Singh, senior leader L.K. Advani, Leader of the Opposition in Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitley and Leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj, and explained to them the fears and apprehensions of the people of the region. Further, they asked the party leadership not to vote for the Bill in Parliament unless and until it addresses these apprehensions.

The BJP spearheaded division of states like Bihar, but it was done after consultations with all the stakeholders. BJP city unit president P.V. Narayana Rao and secretary Valluri Mohan Rao were also present.

The proposed division will create a lot of problems for the Seemandhara region, says party State vice-president Rangamohan

‘The Seemandhra region will stand to lose a lot in terms of irrigation waters, education and job opportunities’