T.Lalith Singh

Team from Nehru Zoological Park to bring a pair of bisons from the Bondla Zoo

Authorities in touch with wildlife experts, zoo authorities in different countries for zebras

HYDERABAD: With rains for the last few days having delayed the original schedule, a team from Nehru Zoological Park will be leaving for Goa next week to bring a pair of bisons from the Bondla Zoo. The zoo here had initially planned to shift the pair in the first week itself for which purpose necessary permissions have already been received from the Central Zoo Authority (CZA).

According to officials, the moats and cages which have been lying vacant after the last of the bison here died five years back have been cleaned and readied for the new occupants. “It has been raining continuously and to avoid getting stranded with the animals, the decision of going this week has been postponed. It is raining heavily in Goa too,” he said. Once the pair is brought, a calf which is under the care of zoo will also be shifted to the display area along with it.

The zoo till the year 2004 had four bison when Theileriosis, a serious disease of bovines which revisited the zoo after a lapse of 35 years, killed three of them in just ten days time. After the last of them also died, bison remained added to the list of animals not on display here.

Meanwhile, the authorities have stepped up their efforts of acquiring zebra which has been missing here for almost two decades. In this direction, they are in touch with wildlife experts and zoo authorities in different countries including South Africa and the help of a safari shooters club member who has roots in the city and is presently settled in the US are sought, the official explained.