Special Correspondent

British International Doctors' Association urges Government to defer the move

HYDERABAD: The British International Doctors' Association has strongly opposed the proposed legislation making work visas mandatory for all doctors outside the European Union wishing to work in the United Kingdom.

Urging the British Government to defer the proposed legislation, BIDA national executive committee member P. Raghu Ram expressed concern over the negative impact of the impending legislation relating to the international medical graduates in the UK. The British Health Minister Lord Warner put the proposal forward in March and the legislation would come into effect from July.

The move would mean that any NHS trust wishing to employ a doctor from outside the EU would have to prove that a "home-grown" doctor would not fill the vacant post, ending the current permit-free training arrangement for international doctors.

Indecent haste

BIDA strongly condemned the indecent haste in rushing forward with the proposals and said since the notice period was too short, it would cause a great deal of hardship to doctors who were already in some kind of employment as well as those seeking employment, he said.

In view of this, he urged the Department of Health as well as the Home office, UK, to hold talks with BIDA and other organisations.