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Supporters of Sudhakar Yadav argue that their leader was slighted by the rival group

Party affairs dodged by personality clashes as leaders defy Kodela

GUNTUR: The brazen clash between the supporters of two Backward Class leaders in the Telugu Desam Party has come as a major set back to the efforts of the party to present a united show of strength in the Yuva Garjana scheduled to be held on November 5. The fact that the clash broke out in the presence of senior leaders of the party showed the party, which prides itself on its discipline, in poor light. That the two leaders belong to Yadava caste, on whose support the TDP has been banking, has made matters worse.

The clash is not as isolated case and is the third of its kind in recent weeks. Telugu Yuvatha district president Bosaboyina Srinivasa Rao has already been snubbed twice by his rival groups in the party.

The youth leader was snubbed earlier in the month in a rally taken out by Nandamuri United Fans Association as he was trying to get atop the open top vehicle and on Friday he was again prevented from boarding the open top van during a massive rally in which Tarakaratna was present.

Mr. Srinivas who was reportedly upset has even contemplated to resign from the party but was forced to change his mind by party elders.


It was in this back drop that he had come to the Yuva Garjana venue ‘fully prepared’ with a battery of followers. His rival, Mr. Sudhakar Yadav, was also prepared to show off his strength and had come to the venue with his followers. Followers of Mr. Sudhakar argue that that their leader was slighted by the rival group and was prevented from meeting Mr. Ramakrishnudu.

They also claim that the immediate provocation for the attack came from the driver of the car owned by Mr. Srinivas who allegedly rammed his car twice against the car used by Mr. Sudhakar. The clash erupted into a full pitched battle with supporters using flag sticks to beat each other. Some of them directed their ire towards media persons too covering the event. The open fight between the groups was a reminder of simmering differences among senior leaders of the party.

The State of party affairs has been dodged by personality clashes with other leaders openly defying senior leader Kodela Siva Prasada Rao.

The former minister too felt slighted at being sidelined by the party and not given key portfolios in the core committees set up for Yuva Garjana.

Each of the senior leader, Makineni Pedarathaiah, Kodela Siva Prasada Rao, Alapati Rajendra Prasad and J.R. Pushpa Raj have their own groups and it took all the persuasion from the party president to bring them together in time for the Yuva Garjana. The bitter fight between the two groups is set to further dampen the spirits of the party.