Staff Reporter

KARIMNAGAR: In spite of the protests for formation of separate Telangana State following its betrayal on all fronts, the State government has freshly allocated major share of funds to the Andhra region neglecting the Telangana region under the Nabard RIDF-XV programme.

Talking to newsmen here on Wednesday evening, Karimnagar MLA Gangula Kamalakar said that the government had again betrayed the backward Telangana region in the allocation of funds for the development of rural areas.

He said that the State government had issued GO Rt No 1845 dated December 11, 2009, allocating a whopping 103.53 crore to the Andhra region for taking up 94 works such as laying of roads and construction of bridges.

Region neglected

On the other hand, the Rayalaseema region was allocated Rs. 16.77 crore for taking up 15 works and the backward Telangana region was allocated only Rs. 9.31 crore for taking up of only eight works.

The Telangana region with 10 districts was neglected in the allocation of funds, he alleged.

Expressing concern over the discrimination of the region in spite of a series of agitations demanding its legitimate rights, the legislator faulted the government for poor allocations for taking up developmental works such as laying of roads and construction of bridges.

“Is this the development of Telangana region”? In spite of protests in entire Telangana region demanding separate statehood, the government had allocated meagre funds for the development of the region. “This is the reason we are demanding separate Telangana State,” he said.