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It will now receive regular orders from VSSC

VISAKHAPATNAM: Bharat Heavy Plate & Vessels (BHPV), a subsidiary of Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, has developed critical components for space applications.

BHPV has now emerged as one of the very few industries in the country which have the capability for hot forming of titanium.

The company has successfully developed conical and elliptical titanium alloy components required for critical space applications.

The conical components are critical for various satellites being launched by Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC), Trivandrum and the elliptical domes form a critical part in satellite launch vehicles like PSLV.

The components have undergone rigorous testing.

The microstructures and mechanical properties have met the stringent specifications of VSSC. BHPV has supplied 41 numbers of conical components and four elliptical domes.

It will now receive regular orders from VSSC for similar components.

Documents handed over

At a function held at BHPV, the company's Managing Director S.S. Gupta handed over the technology-cum-quality documents for the components and domes to VSSC Deputy Director P.P. Sinha on Wednesday.

Among others, VSSC Group Director K. Shree Kumar, BHPV Directors A.S. Nagaraja (operations), P.V. Sridharan (HR),

Executive Director (operations) P. Phalguna Rao and others were present.

Titanium alloys find extensive applications in aerospace sector owing to their high specific strength, excellent corrosion resistance and compatibility to the various working fluids.

Hot forming of titanium is specialised as the working temperature range is narrow and it requires close process parameter control and specially designed tooling to achieve specified properties and dimensions.